Applications and Regulations

General Education TA Applications and Regulations

Applications are accepted from now until June 28th, 2024 (Fri.)
Please read carefully Notification and Instructions as below:
Notification for GE Course TA application Fall 2024 (113-1) sememster
Instructions for GE Course TA application Fall 2024 (113-1) sememster

1. Deadline:
    Applications for instructors will be accepted starting today and ending on Jun. 28, 2024.
    Please refer to the Center for General Education website for application instructions.
2. Regulations

   L5-04 NCHU Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection Labor-based Teaching Assistants

   L6-17 NCHU General Education Teaching Assistant Subsidy Guideline

3. Application Form (Fall 2024): WORD  PDF
    1. Please email Miss YJ Lai at for inquries.
    2. Please indicate the following in the subject line: course number, course name,
        student number, student name and subject matter.
    3. Please attach screenshots and state your questions regarding any problem
        you are having with the syetem.