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Service items
Teaching performance survey
To improve the quality of teaching and understand students’ opinions on course teaching, the Office of Academic Affairs will conduct a teaching performance survey for all courses of National Chung Hsing University (except for off-stage guidance) within four weeks before the final exam of each semester.
Faculty teaching consultation and counseling
To implement faculties’ teaching consultation and counseling, a “faculty teaching consultation and counseling team” is set up under the Office of Academic Affairs to provide faculties with teaching consultation or diagnosis of teaching problems, provide faculties with suggestions for improving their teaching, assist faculties in proposing teaching improvement plans and support the faculties in the process of executing the plans.
Excellent teaching award
To encourage faculties to devote themselves to teaching, attach importance to students’ learning effectiveness, improve teaching quality, establish a teaching role model, and commend faculties with excellent teaching.
Teaching innovation       
✓Deep-bowl course program:Deep-bowl course program: The Deep-bowl course program is student-centered, and it focuses on the in-depth study of the original course, jumps out of the lecture form framework of the original course, and adds non-lecture activities such as active exploration, topic-based discussion, case analysis, and practical operation to the course. The Deep-bowl course program proposes a learning style with specific student outcomes, which is expected to strengthen students' commitment to self-learning and establish a high level of learning effectiveness.
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✓Problem-Based Learning(PBL):Faculties are encouraged to integrate the problem-based teaching method into their teaching, and provide situational cases to students for them to discuss and propose solutions to problems. Faculties play the role of facilitator, motivator and observer, and develop students' active learning and problem-solving skills through group work and the "learning by doing" approach.
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✓Capstone course program:The program is implemented prior to graduation and allows students to integrate their learning, demonstrate learning effectiveness, and enhance core competencies through competence-oriented and integrated learning experiences. The capstone courses should be able to help students review their learning experiences and future development, and assist faculty and departments in validating and reviewing teaching effectiveness and curriculum planning.
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✓E-learning course program:To encourage faculties to integrate technology into their teaching, enrich the digital teaching resources in the school for students’ independent learning and faculties’ peer teaching observation, as well as to accumulate the teaching experience of the MOOC(Massive Online Open Course) courses and promote the atmosphere of digital learning.
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Faculty Learning Community Project       
✓Faculty Learning Community Project:To enhance faculties' teaching knowledge and improve teaching effectiveness, faculties are encouraged to voluntarily form cross-department or cross-school communities to exchange teaching experience, improve teaching methods and develop innovative teaching materials.
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New faculties       
✓Faculty Learning Transfer Team ProjectTo help new faculties to carry out teaching, research, counseling and service activities smoothly, the “Implementation Measures of the National Chung Hsing University Faculty Learning Transfer System” was drafted to encourage senior faculties and junior faculties of National Chung Hsing University to form a learning transfer team for experience exchange. In the learning transfer team, senior faculties who are passionate about education and possess more than 5 years of teaching experience serve as the instructors, and newly recruited junior faculties with less than three years of teaching serve as the learners.
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Promotion by academic publications
Teaching Practice Research Program
Encourage the faculties of National Chung Hsing University to participate in the Ministry of Education’s “Teaching Practice Research Program” to improve teaching quality and facilitate student learning.
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