TA Recruitment Procedures

Please complete the General Education TA recruitment process
in the system for the 2024 Spring semester before 2024/3/11.
Employment commencement date will be on 2024/3/18!
Term of appointment: 2024/3/18-2024/6/21.

The instruction manuals and systems are in Chinese, please email
Miss YJ Lai at 
maria408005@nchu.edu.tw for inquires or assistance.

Instruction Manuals: link
    1. How to apply your seal (for instructors): 
        NCHU single sign on system
Student Affairs Information
        TA recruitment process: link
    2. How to fill out the EZ-come recruitment form (for TA applicants): 
        1) TA downloads the Labor Contract, please refer to the manual page 24

             TA downloads the Labor Contract before submit the recruitment form.
             Instructors must sign or stamp the contact with their official seal.
             TA indicates the course number and student number in the upper right hand corner.
             Please submit your contract online. The website will be notified separately.
        2) TA uploads Labor Safety Cerfificate (Foreign TA3 hours)
             Please contact Center for Env. Protection and Occup. Safety and Health
             for the related information.  
             Ms. Tsai, Pei-Jin / 04-2284-0589#19 / 
             Ms. Cheng, Ching-Ying / 04-2284-0589#16 / jill@nchu.edu.tw
             Online course registration: GO 
             Certificate (valid for 3 years): 
        3) TA uploads valid ARC with work permit for the foreign and overseas Chinese TAs.
    3. How to apply your seal (for TA’s Department Director):
General Education Grants for 2023 Spring semester will be informed by e-mail.
    1. Please email Miss YJ Lai at maria408005@nchu.edu.tw for inquries.
    2. Please indicate the following in the subject line: course number, course name,
        student number, student name and subject matter.
    3. Please attach screenshots and state your questions regarding any problem
        you are having with the syetem.