Monthly Work Reports

▓  General Education TAs must submit a monthly work report each month.
     Please read the following instructions:
     1. Must be submitted during the final week of each month.
         Term of appointment: 2024/3/18-2024/6/21.
     2. Instructors must sign or stamp the reports with their official seal.
     3. Please submit your reports online. The website will be notified separately.
     4. Note: Applicants who fail labor safety instruction must upload their certificate
         to be able to fill in and re-submit their monthly work reports.
         In such cases, the grant will be issued in the following month. 
▓  Please refer to pages 30-37 in the instruction manuals for important notes on monthly work reports.
     The instruction manuals and systems are in Chinese, please email Miss YJ Lai at
     for inquires or assistance.
     1. TAs with 2 or more courses must indicate course number & course name (General Education) in each job
         description field. Please indicate course number + course name (department name) for departmental courses.
     2. TAs must fill in their [job description] with their TA type and actual content taught in class. Weekly job
         descriptions must be detailed and specific; please do not write anything similar to“assisted with handling
         related matters.”Job descriptions according to Article 6 of the
         NCHU Guidelines for Recruitment and Selection Labor-based Teaching Assistants:
         Discussions (Type A): Leads small group discussions, briefly explain the topics and group setups,
                                   approximate number of groups and members.
         Drills (Type B): Leads after-class drills, assists with review and assignments,
                                   briefly explain the topics and progress.
         Experiments (Type C): Leads group experiments or practice, briefly explain the topics and progress.
     3. TAs can fill in [work hours] with the starting and ending times of the course.
         Grants will be issued on a monthly, not hourly, basis. Work hours for each course are around
         8 to 10 hours per month.
     4. TAs must indicate their course number, course name, student number and TA type (A/B/C)
          in the upper right hand corner of their monthly work reports for registration purposes.
     5. General Education grants are issued from the date employment commences until the end of the
         YEAR SEASON semester: from 2024/3/18 to 2024/6/21 (4 months in total).
    1. Please email Miss YJ Lai at for inquries.
    2. Please indicate the following in the subject line: course number, course name,
        student number, student name and subject matter.
    3. Please attach screenshots and state your questions regarding any problem
        you are having with the syetem.