Adjunct teachers

Adjunct Teachers are not resident in Center for G.E. on weekdays. We strongly suggest you may have an appointment via e-mail, or visit the teacher in his/her office hour.

For more information about a teacher's office hour, please check NCHU Course information System, and click the "course number", you will find the "office hour" at the end of the course outline.

 Last Update:2024. JUN.. 26th.
Name Title Specialization email
SHEN,CEN-CHU Adjunct Professor International Organization, EU, Europarecht, Regional Security.
LIU, HSIU-TAN Adjunct Professor Interpersonal Relationship and Communication, Deaf culture and Sign Language.
HUNG, CHAO-KUEI Adjunct Associate Professor Free Software and Information Security, Digital Divide.
TAI, CHIH CHIEH Adjunct Professor General Introduction on Intellectual Property, Insurance Act, Trademark Act, Consumer Protection Act .
LIN,YANN-YOW Adjunct Associate Professor Chemistry, Basic Tai Chi.
LEE, MEI-HSIEN Adjunct Assistant Professor Classical Music Appreciation, Chamber music, Piano
YANG,CHING-CHI Adjunct Assistant Professor Life and Death Studies, Cultures of Japan, Art, Religion and Literature.
CHEN, DI-HUI Adjunct Assistant Professor Globalization and Contemporary Society, Sociology.
TSAI, SU-CHIN Adjunct Assistant Professor Gender and Close Relationships, Psychology, Pedagogy.
CHEN, CHUNG-WEI Adjunct Assistant Professor Japanese Manga Culture Inquiry
CHANG, YING-HSIN Adjunct Assistant Professor Aesthetics, Philosophy. 
SHIU, RUEI-MEI Adjunct Assistant Professor Taiwan Movie History
CHEN, HSIN-I Adjunct Assistant Professor Classical Music Appreciation, Alexander Technique. 
LAI, SHU-LAN Adjunct Assistant Professor Visual Impairment, Introdcution to Special Education.
YU, NAI-WEN Adjunct Assistant Professor Environmental protection.
WANG, HUNG-HSUN Adjunct Assistant Professor  Disaster Mitigation, Change and Sustainable Development in Environment and Ecology.
HSU, CHUAN-HAO Adjunct Assistant Professor Financial statements analysis.
CHENG, CHIN-FA Adjunct Assistant Professor Environmental Ethics, Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics.
HANG, HSIN-HUI Adjunct Assistant Professor Introduction to Legal Studies, Political Science.
SHIH, YU-YU Adjunct Assistant Professor Sociology of education.
CHEN,YEN-JUNG Adjunct Instructor Classical Music Appreciation,
CHANG, WENLI Adjunct Instructor TESOL, Computer Assisted Language Learning.
HSAIO, YI-SHAN Adjunct Assistant Professor Art workshop, Art History in East Asia, Color Theory.
LU, CHENG-YU Adjunct Assistant Professor Flute
YANG,HSIU-LING Adjunct Instructor Primary and Junior High School Tutoring. none
HSIEH, YU-LUNG Adjunct Assistant Professor Programming, Data Mining, Evolutionary Algorithm.
PENG JUI-CHIH Adjunct Assistant Professor International Etiquette and Professional Image.
KU, YUH-MIN Adjunct Instructor Political-Social Philosophy, Ethics.
HSIAO, JUNG Adjunct Instructor Environmental Education, Environmental Ethics.
LIU, SY-CHIAN Adjunct Instructor Botany, Ecological Diversity.
TSAI, MING-CHIH Adjunct Assistant Professor Media Literacy Applying for official mailbox