Fundamental philosophies of G.E., NCHU

The educational goals of our school is to cultivate and equip our students with the knowledge foundation of both humanities and sciences, communication skills, innovation ability to become the elite citizens with a strong sense of caring for the society. As the major tasks of General Education Center is to administer the curriculum of General Education, we also established the Statement of General Education of our school to accomplish the abovementioned educational goals. Our fundamental philosophies of General Education is as follows:

1.To build up students’ knowledge foundation: the
General Education Center has planned a series of language courses in Chinese and other languages, community service programs, self-study courses, General Education Lecture Series and so on. These activities are designed so as to improve the students’ abilities to discover problems, to think critically, to communicate well with others, to make fine presentations of ideas, to integrate different opinions, to improve the current situation and finally, to planted their correct idea of applying the knowledge to improve the society in students’ minds.

2.To emphasize the students’ balanced-study of different academic fields: The
General Education Center has completed the planning curricula in “humanities,” “social science” and “natural science” and requires students to take courses in all three categories. To encourage students to develop their full potentials in all aspects and to integrate the knowledge of different fields, the students’ understanding of major research topics, methodology, core concepts and thinking models of different areas are enhanced and emphasized. The student will also develop the capability to self study after graduation.

3.To guide and to develop different aptitudes and abilities of students: Under the structure of the three major categories of humanities, social science and natural science, the
General Education Center has planned various groups of minor study areas and implemented the inter-area course registration mechanism. In this way, students are provided with more study opportunities of diversified facets to satisfy their needs for career planning, whereas the disciplinary barriers of limited course registration are dismantled. Meanwhile, the defects of over-professionalization of disciplines in college education are mended.

4.To sharpen students’ professional knowledge: Upon the foundation of double-layer (major study category and minor study area) design of curriculum, the
General Education Center plans for implementing multiple credit curricula which emphasize the research and teaching advantages of our school. In this way, students are enabled to take courses in General Education more systematically and integrate their knowledge from both professional curriculum and General Education curriculum.