Q4-e01 How to apply as an overseas Chinese student?

you could refer to the website of University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students:

Q4-e02 How to apply as an international student at NCHU?

You could refer to the website:

Q4- e03 What's the difference between an overseas Chinese student and an international student? Can I apply as both?

Simply put, “overseas Chinese students” refers to students of Chinese descent who were born overseas, have resided (1) overseas for more than a year (2), and hold a permanent or long-term residence permit of the overseas locality, whereas “international students” refers to foreign nationals without ROC citizenship, or with both foreign and ROC citizenships but no household registry in ROC, and have resided overseas for a consecutive number of years (2). Students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau will not be considered as international applicants. 
Applicants can only be considered as one of the above categories and shall not apply as both overseas Chinese student and international student. 

1.Applicants applying to schools of Medicine, Dentistry or Chinese Medicine are required to have resided in overseas for a minimum of 8 consecutive years, while other applicants a minimum of 6 consecutive years.
2.“A consecutive number of years” refer to a maximum period of 120-day residence within a calendar year (From January 1st to December 31 st).