Q3-01 On-line course selection method?

On-line course selection method?
Online course selection is divided into three phases: initial selection, course addition and withdrawal, and authorized course addition and withdrawal:
(1)  【Initial Selection】-Each department and year has appointed course selection time, students of the department and year shall make course selections in  designated time period.  (For example: The second day of the Initial Selection is for 3rd year students. Students in 3rd year Material Science may only select Material Science 3rd year courses and elective courses open for the entire school), and may only select courses from other years and departments after Initial Selection period.
(2) 【Course addition and withdrawal】-All students may add courses or withdraw from courses online in this phase.  Cross-collegiate course taking, day-night time class switch and selection of courses among master’s program and in-service master’s program has to be applied separately.
(3) 【Authorized Course addition and withdrawal】- After attaining authorization of the instructor, students may proceed with “authorized course addition” or “authorized course withdrawal” within the time limit.
※After completing the course selection above, please confirm your course selection list.
※No enrolling at 8:00am-10:00am during the period of Online course selection.
※It need to apply in another form:Inter-collegiate course【The School→ Other School】、Guidelines for Master's Degree Part-time and Full-time Students Cross Course Selection、Regulations for Course Registration between Undergraduate Programs and Extension Education Programs.

Q3-02 How to change the default email in the Academic Affairs Office into my own preferable email address?

Steps for Email change: 【User Setting】>【Change E-mail】

Q3-03 How to check the course information for each semester?

You may use the course search system( for information of courses by inserting different search criterion.  The system provides Chinese, English and advanced search option provides information of courses instructed in English.

Q3-04 How can I confirm my course selection result?

The academic Affairs Information system provides list of courses and timetable of the week for course selection confirmation, the user may save and print it.
Steps for course selection: 【course selection info】>【course selected list】
Step for timetable of the week:【Course selection info】>【Timetable of the Week】(If the course does not show on the timetable, it means the day of the week has not yet been set for that course.)

Q3-05 What is “courses open to all students”?

“Courses open to all students” means elective courses the school made available for all students, including “Physical Education”, “Service Learning”, “Teacher Education Program”, and “All English” courses.

Q3-06 May third year, fourth year, fifth students take Physical Education courses?

Yes, student in third, fourth, fifth year may take one credit elective.  Starting from the last day of the initial course selection phase, students have a week to add or drop courses, or under special circumstances in this period, students may select PE courses when there are remaining spots for electives.  Any PE courses related questions please contact PE office.

​Q3-07​ May I apply for course exemption?

The student must apply within appointed time period, and meet one of the following conditions: (1) New graduate with graduation credits of less than 9 credits (2) Catastrophic illness (must provide proofs from public, private hospital) (3) Family issues.  Student who meet the above special circumstances, and who has already been authorized by the dean for course exemption, may not apply for course exemption, and shall meet the regulation of taking at least one course.  Student with credits lower than the minimum credits requirement, may not apply for course withdraw again.  Students shall carefully consider before making course addition and withdrawal decisions.

Q3-08 ​May I apply for course withdrawal?

Withdrawal from class maybe done online within set timeline.  However, the number of credits cannot be under the minimum credits required after withdrawal.  Application for withdrawal may not be cancelled once made, and there will be a “W” marked on the transcript.  Fees will not be returned, so students shall carefully consider before making such decision.

Q3-09 ​May I drop in for courses?

NCHU students who wish to drop in for courses must attain approval from the course instructor prior or in the first week of lesson, to guarantee the rights of the instructor and students in that course.