2023 General Education Course Selection Manual

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1.General Education Course Selection Manual, press here to download. (please refer to the 2023academic year course selection date for the date)
(1) "Selecting Courses by course numbers" is not a option during the General Education course Preliminary Selection period.
(2) During the online add/remove course period, General Education courses from undergraduate and extension education
      undergraduate programs are available for online registration to students from either program. 
      Students do not have to submit the Course Selection Form for Undergraduate Program and In-Service Undergraduate
      Program for courses registered online at this time.
(3) General Education Courses Information System:https://onepiece.nchu.edu.tw/cofsys/plsql/crseqry_gene_e

(4) International students:
(a) From this semester on, the "Practical Chinese" for 2 semesters (in total 6 credits) can waive the credits of “College Chinese” (4 credits) as an alternative for International students.
  (b) International Freshmen, who is not Chinese native speaker, will be allocated manually in different levels of “Practical Chinese” courses based on the evaluation. Students, who have already been allocated “Practical Chinese”, please do not choose "College Chinese (Overseas & International students ONLY)"
(c) Besides International Freshmen, other international students will need to choose different levels of “Practical Chinese” courses based on self-evaluation by themselves.


For more information, please contact Miss Chen:
​TEL: 04-22840597#27