• Apply for official score certificate for EnglishScore

Apply for official score certificate for EnglishScore

Date of Publication:2023-09-05
Object:Every current student in NCHU

Application Period: From the announcement day till the certificate has distribution completed.

Account Application: Download the EnglishScore app your own mobile device, and enter the connect code:TW-NCHU-SHARE,the test will be able to start, and .

Certificate Application:
(1) Core skills, Speaking or Writing test score reach over CEFR B1 can each apply one electronic certificate. Download the application form, you may submit your application to our office or convert your form into PDF and send it via:lys11@nchu.edu.tw with email subject line as follows:EnglishScore e-cert_Student Name_Student ID.

(2) Every certificate type can choose one to apply, every person and every type can only be applied once.

(3) Those had applied the certificate can apply again when they reach the higher level. (Applied CEFR B2 certificate before, can apply CEFR C1 certificate again)

(4) The certificate is subject to availability.