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L1-03NCHU Guidelines for self-evaluation of teaching units

Amended in the 462nd Administrative Meeting on Mar. 27th, 2024
Dean's Office

L1-01The NCHU Student Study Regulation

Amended in the 103nd University Affairs Meeting on Dec. 22th , 2023
Dean's Office

L1-06NCHU Regulations for the Establishment of the Office of Academic Affairs

Amended in the 93rd University Affairs Meeting on Jun. 4th, 2021
Dean's Office

L1-07National Chung Hsing University Rules of Order Governing Academic Affairs Meetings

Enacted in the 80th Academic Affairs Meeting on Oct. 28th, 2020
Dean's Office

L1-02National Chung Hsing University Regulations for Courses Opening for Auditing

Amended in the 78th Academic Affairs Meeting on Oct. 30th, 2019
Dean's Office

L1-05National Chung Hsing University Regulations on the Conferral of Honorary Doctorates

Enacted in the 77th Academic Affairs Meeting on Mar. 27th, 2019
Dean's Office