Guidelines for Undergraduate Students Deferring Graduation

1. For course selection times, please refer to the Division of Curriculum website (the same applies for senior students).
2. Students with 9 credits or below will be charged credit fees (for payment standards, please refer to the Office of Academic Affairs website); students with 10 credits or above will be charged the full tuition and fees. The payment slip will be uploaded after two to three weeks after course selection/ removal. Please make sure to check NCHU announcements. Once the payment slips are uploaded, please visit the First Bank's Tuition Collection section or NCHU
homepage/ Students/ Student Services/ Tuition & Fee Payments to download and print your payment slip. For the First Bank's Tuition Collection Section (, please log in with your 10-digit student ID and password (the last 6 digits of your National Identification Card number).
3. Students that have already deferred graduation are required to select courses (event 0-credit courses) and pay tuitions and fees or apply for suspension (please note that male students may face mandatory military services during their suspension period).
4. Students that have deferred graduation and are taking 10 or more credits each semester are still regulated by Article 39 of the NCHU Student Study Regulation: students are required to pass 1/2 of their total credits (2/3 for special students) that semester or face expulsion after two violations.
5. Students that have deferred graduation but not yet served their mandatory military services will have to reapply for suspended drafting/ summons. Please bring your National Identification Card to the Military Instructor's Office to apply for suspended drafting/ summons. (Military Instructor's Office Tel.: 04-22840653)