• 【Contest】2024 NCHU MyET Speaking Contest

【Contest】2024 NCHU MyET Speaking Contest

Date of Publication:2024-02-15
2024 NCHU MyET Speaking Contest

I. Schedule
  1. Online preliminary round: February 19, 9:00 AM - March 8, 2:59 PM
  2. Offline final round: Friday, March 15, 3:10 PM (Venue: Room 206, English Testing and Self-Learning Center, Wannian Building)
II. Eligibility
Current students of NCHU who are non-native English speakers

III. Registration (Refer to the 2nd related file)
  1. Click on the MyET Introduction page of NCHU to install or open MyET.
  2. Key in your school personal MyET account and password to log in to the "National Chung Hsing University" server.
  3. Fill out the online registration form and enter the competition authorization code to complete the registration and start the preliminary round at the same time.
IV. Competition Format
  1. The top 30 participants with the highest total scores of their individual shadowing and reading will be ranked and invited to the final round. During the online preliminary round, all participants can complete the competition content without location or frequency limitations.
  2. The organizer will rank the participants based on their individual BEST total scores.
  3. Welcome to visit the self-study place to participate the preliminary round!!

V. Awards
  1. First Prize: Certificate and NT$3,000 scholarship
  2. Second Prize: Certificate and NT$2,000 scholarship
  3. Third Prize: Certificate and NT$1,500 scholarship
  4. Special Awards:
  • Excellent Pronunciation Award: Awarded to the top three participants with the best overall pronunciation in the preliminary round (excluding the top three winners in the live final round)
  • Active Participation Award: Awarded to the top three participants with the highest number of attempts in the preliminary round
VI. Feel free to contact us for any relevant questions.