Chao Hsiung, LeeDirector

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    Office:(04)22840597ext30; Laboratory:(04)22840591ext504
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Manage all General Education affairs of the school.

Carol HorngOfficer

Social sciences related affairs.
Humanities related affairs.
Language related affairs.
Core group courses related affairs.
Teaching quality improvement of general education courses related affairs.
Lifelong Learning Certification related affairs.
Course waivers for freshman Chinese and English .
Course waivers for general education for students in the division of continuing studies.
English test related affairs.
Organize counseling sessions; exempted English test for undergraduate students.
Collect analysis of test results.

Ching-Yu, LuOfficer

Teacher personnel affairs.
Faculty evaluation, assessment of General Education, and support evaluation projects.
Registration of official documents.
Planning of General Education related project/program.
Outstanding General Education professor nominee selection.
Data collecting and compaction (project/school meetings).
Arranging meetings : General Education Advisory Committee, General Education Executive Committee (includes revision of General Education regulations).
PIMS contact person of General Education Center.

Yueh-Mei, LiaoAdministrative Clerk

Processing about general affairs in the Center of General Education.

Yi-Jhen LaiAdministrative Clerk

Natural science related affairs.
Course waivers for general education for undergraduate students.
Learning service related affairs.
Handle exhibitions, performance, and competition activities.
Huisun lectures related affairs.
Collect analysis of test results.

Huang-Jun HuangAdministrative Clerk

Managing websites of general education.
Assisting information literacy course.
Assisting student about self-taught.
Teaching assistant employment.
Announcing news at website of NCHU.
Related affairs in speech of general education.

Pei-Ying, LinAdministrative Clerk

Arranging courses in General Education, and managing school administration information system for General Education courses registration and modification.
General Education course selection related affairs, including preliminary course selection, first-stage course selection, adding/dropping courses, and empowerment to special case adding/dropping.
Data investigation and collection of General Education teachers.
General Education Curriculum regular statistic reports.
Calculation of General Education course teaching hours, including English-taught courses.
General Education retaking course offering and calculation.