• ★On Inter-university Online General Education Courses in 2023 fall Semester

★On Inter-university Online General Education Courses in 2023 fall Semester

Date of Publication:2023-09-15
※112-1 The following list of online courses are inter-university:
no Class No. Course Name Unit Remarks
1 0490 The Competitiveness Of Career 2  
2 0690 Communication Soft Power at Workplace 2 9/20
See the "ewant" announcement for details
3 0691 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 2  
ewant Help guide

1.For online courses, the ewant platform  register accounts based on the course list on September 12, 2023,
   and send out notification emails. The email contains the platform URL, student account number,
   and default password. After receiving the letter, you can online learning.
   If you have not logged into the course by September 30, 2023, please email:ewantgem@gmail.com
2.There are inevitable risks to taking courses. Doing an online course does not guarantee a passing grade for the course.
   You are advised to read the standards for grading and all course announcements carefully.
   Please make sure you have a working email mailbox that you can receive messages from ewant.

3.If you have any questions, please email: ewantgem@gmail.com
   Email Subject:Inter-University General Studies Question_Course NameXXX:NCHU_your nameXXX

4.Please read the Precautions for Cross-School General Studies(please click here) [
Related progress is adjusted on a rolling basis.]

5.ewant Student Operating Instructions(please click here --- download the files in Chinese)

6.If you wish to Drop from a course, please complete and sign the "Inter-University Online General Education Course
   -Drop Application  Form
" and deliver it to [General Education Center, 6th floor of the Integrated Teaching Building]
    before October 13, 2023.
   The deadline for course drop is also the deadline for course drop under special circumstances.
   To suspend or terminate a course, please apply on the Academic Affairs Information System within the time limit specified in the calendar (11/6~12/1).
   You must complete the Google form again if you would like to Drop for Special Case or suspend a course.

1.The inter-university online courses are not synchronized with the host school's student list.
   There will be a time difference with the schedule for drop.
2.Related progress is adjusted on a rolling basis. Please pay attention to the latest announcement.