Transfer Student Admission List

I. Transfer (Degree Program) Admission List

The list of admitted students for transfer (degree program) is available for download here: link to download file.

II. Important Notes for Transfer (Degree Program) Students Regarding Credit Transfer 

(1) Application Period: Apply for credit exemption and complete the process within 2 weeks after the registration datee for the first semester of academic year 2024.

(2) Application Procedure: Please complete the "Credit Transfer Application Form for Students Transferring to Other Departments (Institutions/Degree Programs)" (link to download form) and attach a copy of your original transcript for all academic years. After review by the transferring department (degree program), the application will be submitted to the Registration for processing.

III. According to Article 6 of "NCHU Guidelines for Transfer of Department" 
Students whose transfer applications have been approved shall follow the requirements of the new department or degree program and enroll in all required courses.