• Summer Pre-Calculus Course Briefing for the 113 Academic Year and Related Matters

Summer Pre-Calculus Course Briefing for the 113 Academic Year and Related Matters

Date of Publication:2024-03-05
Briefing Session Time: Starting from 1:10 pm on June 15th, 113 (Sat.)
Briefing Session Venue: (Main Campus) International Conference Hall, 7th floor of the Library (Please present the registration notification to the security staff at the main gate.)
To maintain the health of students and faculty, it is recommended that students wear masks when entering the venue.
► iLearning Teaching Platform: https://lms2020.nchu.edu.tw/ [For online learning purposes. Account: Class number (indicated at the top right corner of the registration platform), Password: First letter of ID (in uppercase)]
► Registration Platform: https://onepiece.nchu.edu.tw/cofsys/plsql/bef_join_index [For inquiries: Class number/Exam fee account/Printing admission ticket. Account: First letter of ID (in uppercase)]
※ Please note: Those who complete online learning registration and wish to obtain a credit certificate for this course must pay an exam fee of 800 NT dollars during the payment period to participate in the exams (including mid-term exam on July 15th and final exam on August 12th). Once the payment procedure is completed, no refund request will be accepted, please consider carefully and no late applications will be accepted. [Deadline for paying exam fee: From 9:00 am on June 15th, 113 (Sat.) to 11:59 pm on July 1st, 113 (Mon.).]
♦♦ Please be sure to refer to: Course Information Instructions and User Manual in advance. LINK:https://oaa.nchu.edu.tw/zh-tw/course-summer/page-detail.2094 (Chinese only)
Transportation Information [How to get to NCHU/Main Campus Layout]