• Application for Tutors for Students Falling Behind in Studies Regulation (112-2)

Application for Tutors for Students Falling Behind in Studies Regulation (112-2)

Date of Publication:2024-02-19
NCHU 112-2 semester
Application for Tutors for Students Falling Behind in Studies Regulation
          The Center for Development of Teaching and Learning (hereinafter referred to as the Center) provides individual tutoring services for students who fall behind in their studies to improve their learning ability and learning results.
Article 1 These regulations are in accordance with the NCHU Guidelines on Individual Tutoring Service System
Article 2 Details:
1. Targets: Students of bachelor programs
2. Application requirements and review order:
Applicants shall have the following situations:
a. Fail half (or two thirds) of their total credits of the semester.
b. Fail required courses and need to retake them (the applied courses shall be of required courses).
c. Return to education after completing military service (including cases of midway discharge or suspension of service)
    *Applications of situations above shall only be accepted within the 1st to the 13th week of the semester.
d. Evaluated by their mentor or instructor as having bad learning results, poor scores or seriously falling behind their studies.
e. Fail or nearly fail a course during a midterm and need remedial teaching services.
Applications of situations above shall only be accepted within the 9th to the 13th week of the semester.
3. How to apply:
a. Students of different departments who fall behind their studies shall submit the application online after being evaluated by the instructors or mentors.
b. Online Application System for CDTL:https://cdtl.nchu.edu.tw/2019application/
4. Tutor Eligibility:
a. Teachers will select students with outstanding academic performance and enthusiasm as tutors. Tutors shall be sophomore students and above who are willing to take care of disadvantaged students, promote social welfare, have a humble attitude and provide tutoring services.
b. Tutors shall not be the teaching assistants (TA) of the applied course. Also, students who study in in-service programs or have a full-time job shall not be tutors.
5. Tutoring procedures:
a. Tutors and students may decide the location and time for tutoring (tutoring shall only be conducted in public places on the campus such as libraries, classrooms or other places that will be patrolled by campus guards). Tutors will provide tutoring services after the application is approved.
b. Tutors shall fill out a Tutor Journal and students shall sign on it after each tutoring. After being signed by the instructor/mentor at the end of each month, the Tutor Journal will be submitted online before the deadline of each month. Also, tutors and students shall fill out an online feedback report at the end of the semester.
6. Tutoring hours: 16 hours for every student (tutors may apply up to 16 hours of reward).
7. Rewards: NT$ 250 per hour. Rewards will be given to tutors once per month based on the actual tutoring hours.
8. Application deadline:
From February 19, 2024 to May 17, 2024. Applications will be reviewed as soon as they are submitted. Please submit the application online. The result of applications will be sent to applicants via email, and tutoring services will be arranged once the applications are approved (Tutors shall fill out the Tutor Basic Information Form online within one week after receiving the email ).
9. Tutoring duration:. As of June 21, 2024, after the application is approved.

10. If there is already a teaching assistant (TA) or Learning Consulting provided for the course you want to apply for, please consult with him/her first instead of applying for a tutor.

Application for Tutors: https://cdtl.nchu.edu.tw/2019application/
Online Application System for Learning Consultinghttps://cdtl.nchu.edu.tw/learningConsulting/
For relevant forms and regulations, please go to http://oaa.nchu.edu.tw/cdtl